Living Yoga

Living Yoga’s mission is fostering healing and resilience through trauma-informed yoga. 

Through teams of dedicated volunteers, we bring trauma-informed yoga to more than 600 students each month in corrections and reentry, addiction treatment and recovery, and community health programs.

I wrote this in 2008, it remains on their website: “The magic happens when the breath takes over and we become movement instead of thought, just a woman in a half-moon pose instead of an inmate. For one hour we have our dignity. Living Yoga has gave me a slice of goodness in a hard inflexible place.”

Living Yoga came full circle when I paroled. They welcome the women who attended Living Yoga at Coffee Creek to their studio. They supplied a mat and a class. In 2012, I gave a testimonial at the Yoga Gala fundraiser. I became part of a healthy spirited community. For that I am grateful.

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