City Bible Church

“We’re a local church with a global vision. Our church community is faithfully on the move, pressing forward into the unknown, the uncomfortable, and the new, constantly pursuing His presence and the comfort of His promises.”

City Bible Church volunteers would be waiting at the door to hug each inmate as she entered the chapel. For many women inmates, without visitors, this was the only allowed human contact. They dressed as though they were coming to an important event. Live music filled the chapel. They brought musical instruments: a keyboard, guitar, percussion, even a cello. They sang like angels. They were not afraid to show their own blemishes and revealed their struggles. They welcomed questions on faith. I asked Pastor Alida one day, “Will I ever get this right?”

“NO!” She exclaimed. “Isn’t it marvelous? We are forgiven!”

When we paroled, they welcomed us to their church and called us sister.

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