Release from Prison

April Fools Day, 2011

Up at dawn, dressed in Prison Blues for the last time. Escorted to processing area, issued bus pass and food stamp card for 50.00. Saving during prison on a cash card approx 300.00. Karen wears the color she arrived in: black, but with turquoise accents and a real brassiere. At the last minute, Red Beef pulls a prank on her, planting a tool/theft. Karen and Red Beef and one of the prison’s strictest officers share a genuine laugh. Karen stands before the door and sees her family and friends milling about with staff, waiting for her. She steps forward.

Karen is greeted by her people and after all the planning and imagining of scene. Karen is in the car, Nikki on one side Haley on the other, Chris at the wheel, Sam shotgun. Gerry and the rest follow to a wonderful coffee shop and celebrate.

Karen goes to Parole office, returns home to Gerry’s. The celebration continues with mangoes, avocados, Fresh Como loaf a real knife and real butter. Socks, carpet, and hugging on poofy couches went on for the rest of the day. That night after sleeping in a twin brick, Karen sleeps in the star position.