Re entry into Workforce and Life

Late June-August 2011: Karen moves into apartment in Portland.  Seeks employment as PTA. Is rehired by former company, begins orientation and discovers National human services will not rehire Karen with a felony. Volunteers for dress for success cutting hair. Volunteers for the Mercy Corps as advisor to healthcare  and LIFE program.

Finds PTA job. Owner of clinic listens to entire story and is moved, despite the fact that bookkeeper embezzled huge sums. Karen knew this woman at a distance at CCCF. Karen agrees to extensive background check and although not required by the court, volunteers for alcohol program. Graduates from program and begins work.

Nikki is in Portland. Karen learns many years later that Nikki had plan of connection and reuniting. Karen plows ahead reestablishing herself. Nikki is less connected to support than Haley. Both girls have a strong relationship with the boys they met in high school.