Karen moves into J Unit, the honor unit

Karen moves into J Unit, the honor unit. Meets Teachers Sinful, Angel and Blondie. Karen begins work for DMV answering phone calls. Phone call with Peter S. Participates in U of O film Behind These Walls, a documentary from Nikkis’ School of Journalism exploring skill building enterprises of inmates. Karen begins to send small amt’s of money to Nikki. Family and friends continue to visit.

Parenting Class, Karen adopts Tulip, the irregular stuffed animal. Nikki and Haley  come to “graduation” Tulip goes home with them free and becomes the stand in for Karen at holidays

Karen has gray hair. Karen has a mammogram and goes out of the prison and sees the world outside the fence lines. Savings approx 100.

Stepfather Marshall who is legally blind flies out alone and visits, somehow.