Karen moves “across the street” to Minimum

Fall 2008-2010: Karen moves “across the street” to Minimum. Enters dorm living, the hive. 2008 Barak Obama is elected President of the US. Racial intrigue/celebration.

Christine’s husband dies unexpectedly. Karen works in maintenance dept, landscaping grounds and general maintenance. . Meets Red Beef, a staff  “teacher”. Nikki graduates from U of O, Creative Journalism. Haley continues to visit approx 3 times per year, Gerry if not every week, every other. Loretta, Robin, Jack, Nikki, Christine, Sam and Stepmother as often as time allows. Savings approx 200.00

Karen takes the LIFE class from Mercy Corps two sessions. Begins constructing blue print of release plan. Began drawing lessons with “teacher” Glory. Drew mural for Education Dept. Karen is allowed to drive golf cart to overcome fear and prepare for return to driving. Enrolls in Coffee Creek Quilting program, completes landscape fiber art quilt. Witnesses a fellow inmate’s release from windows. Karen fears living outside without a secured place to live. Gerry offers Karen her spare bedroom in her home. Karen lived there before prison and now has a place to parole. It is the single most important part of a successful release plan. Savings approx 250.00