G Unit the bottom of the pecking order

Karen is transferred to G Unit, the bottom of the pecking order. It is the discipline unit, the wild wild west of the women’s prison. Karen meets the next teacher, The Alpha. Karen is moved several times over six months. Karen meets teacher, Mittens. Forms a “friendship” group Five Alive, witnesses brutal fight between Helen of Troy and Girlfriend. Begins exploring chapel services and writing. Contributes to prison writing book Bound for Freedom. Karen works in the kitchen. Pruno bust occurs, Karen learns about layers of discipline including The Hole. Karen begins visits from family and friends. Nikki comes from school for visiting, admits she is depressed and poor. Gerry begins to come nearly every week. Karen meets Good Cop, and is less afraid of punishment. Haley flies up from California to visit, Christine, Loretta, Katie and Sue take turns bringing her. Good Cop introduces herself and visitors are relieved at her humanity. Karen begins regular attendance of church, yoga and zen services. Karen is moved to J Unit, the honor unit two weeks prior to earning 6 months clear conduct. Karen is a cellmate for a harsh woman who is the head of the Canine Companion program. Karen lasts four days and is kicked back down to G Unit. Karen sees the turnstile of women returning, hears poverty in every narration of recidivism. Vows to save money and learn all she can.