Car accident

Tom dies at the scene. Other female victim dies at the scene. Karen is life-flighted to Trauma Unit at Oregon Health Sciences University. Karen begins several days of surgeries for over 20 broken bones, GI rupture, lung puncture, bladder repair, dental surgery.

Christine, sister and father, Sam arrive at hospital. March 29th:¬†daughters father takes Nikki and Haley to hospital. On respirator, hip halo installed. Indicted for Manslaughter II, DUII. Defense lawyers hired. Karen is mostly unconscious. Poor memory of events leading to accident. None of accident, life-flight or early days of hospital. Friends and family gather at hospital. Tom’s brother arrives from Denver. Unbeknownst to Karen hip surgery has failed due to hospital therapists twisting bed pad for supine to sit edge of bed. Failure to thrive.